FONDS are kicking ass & taking numbers. You know, the usual.


Not something we thought we would be entering, yet.

 Look, we should apologize from the start if the heading is a bit robust. Come on though; we did just sweep up the INNOVATION prize at SA’s newest, most glitzy Product Profile Awards.

Surely a bit of crowing is allowed?

NoMU FONDS have just WON the Innovations Category in the Brand New ‘Product of the Year’ Competition that was launched at last weekend’s Good Food and Wine Show, held at The Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg!

Regrettably we were physically not able to be there for the duration of the show so that we could promote and present the FONDS in person (hence the lack of visual support for this story…). In fact, we were only there briefly the day before to help set up the other part of our involvement with the GFW Show which to was to act as a part/ product sponsor for the CHEFS UNITE AGAINST HUNGER stand where we agreed to sponsor product and stand space for this great cause.

'Yeaaaah, who want's some?!' We'll take on all 'a yooze...

Now that we also have a nice gong to add to the experience though, we can feel slightly better about a trip to JHB which regrettably did not turn out as successful as we had originally hoped for.

We were actually there to achieve something else entirely, and we didn’t but at least we still get to come home (eventually) feeling a bit more like a conquering hero.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

On the plus side, we were also hosted to a few nights HERE, which as you can see from the following image, is hardly a bad option. Not at all and therefore; many thanks also to Dean, Sarah and the team from the Parkwood for the incredible hospitality. So nice to be able to come ‘home’ to such a great and welcoming place after a day’s work in the trade.

Now, as for the Product of the Year story, this particular event isn’t new. This version that we entered is a new extension of the more established and better known competition. Until now, the previous event has been the well known reserve of the big boys only. Companies like Tiger, Unilever and Kraft have been the only groups with enough clout to make it worth their while to get involved for the bragging rights that come with victory for their brands. So until now, you would have seen brands like Aquafresh, All Gold, Listerine etc. as the type of typical stuff supposedly fighting it out to be the ‘best’ FMCG Product of the Year.

Now though, with the Good Food and Wine Show trying to also assist and profile smaller, independent producers of highest quality, innovative concepts , it is fantastic to see Product of the Year getting onboard too and giving the smaller guys a shot at the proverbial prize.

Of course NoMU is excited to be able to pick up a bit of recognition for our FONDS. The more important thing however is that food producers in SA (of ALL sizes) now have a new and exciting platform on which to profile and promote their ranges. This a great new development and something that ought to become a signature event for the industry at large.

Besides, Africa as a continent doesn’t have a stand-alone ‘destination’ food show of it’s own. Perhaps this sort of event will be the start of giving us our own SIAL-level event for the continent maybe?!

After all, why should Europe have all the fun?

Posted by Paul in In the press on September 27, 2010.

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  1. Michael Olivier commented

    Only reason you won is because it is a great product backed by a great team. I used the Chicken [emptied my bottle] in a fabulous homecoming lamb casserole for my son Peter.

    Keep up the good work Paul and Tracy.

    Luv luv


    September 27, 2010 8:36 am
  2. Colleen commented

    Congratulations. Your FONDS are just fabulous. I am loving using them in various dishes that I prepare. Well deserved win! Keep kicking the big guys’ asses! xx

    September 27, 2010 9:21 am

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